December 9-11, 2020 // Scottsdale, AZ

Law Enforcement Delegates

Senior-level tactical product purchasers and training managers can expect extraordinary value!

It’s an opportunity for you to attend two days of networking with other police department and law enforcement personnel as well as roundtable discussions and one-on-one consultations with tactical and training product suppliers. 

The retreat setting allows you the time to learn, share knowledge and ask the questions that will help you better serve your departments with the gear and training they need when going into the field. You’ll have the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking, discussing solutions to challenges, learning best practices for training and seeing the newest and most widely used products in the law enforcement industry.

Best of all, PTX is free* for all qualified delegates. Your travel, hotel, meals and event fees are covered* for departments making tactical and training acquisitions as long as you are the decision-maker for your agency’s selection of those products.

Every PTX participant receives a custom-made, personalized agenda that offers

  • Insights and advice from leaders in the industry
  • Interactive roundtable discussions with industry peers
  • Custom one-on-one appointments with industry suppliers
  • Unique, engaging and memorable social functions
  • Solutions to your current and future challenges

No more than 30 applicants will be offered a hosted trip* to attend PTX 2020.
*Round-trip airfare, 2-nights of hotel accommodations, Denver airport transfers to and from the resort, all scheduled meals, and receptions included.

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PTX Technology eXchange

Are you focused on opportunities in the technology side of the industry? Police Technology eXchange could be the perfect fit for you. 

Visit The Website


• Armored Vehicles, Vehicle Armor, Command Vehicles • Backpacks, Bags, Blankets, Mats • Personal Protective Equipment (body armor, carriers, eyewear, goggles, helmets, plates, shields)


• Barricade Systems • Communication Equipment • Electronics • On-Body Cameras • Night Vision & Thermal • UAVs • Robots • Surveillance Equipment


• Weapons & Ammunition • Weapon Accessories (lights, optics, scopes, sights, suppressors) • Less-Lethal


• Apparel • Bomb Detection & Disposal • Breaching Equipment • Cases, Gear Bags & Packs • Gas Masks & Accessories • Inspection Equipment • Lighting Products • Negotiation Equipment • Restraint/Defense Devices • Riot Gear • Medical Equipment Supplies • Rappelling Gear • Rescue Equipment • Vehicle Storage Systems


• Training • Shooting Range Equipment • Training & Learning Management Systems • Training Gear & Equipment • Training Simulators


“It’s a good opportunity for us to figure out what they are doing in certain states, to understand the pain points of those states or counties and find ways that we can better our systems to supply those customers.”

-Derek Smith, Versaterm

“It’s really valuable to hear one department saying they don’t have body cameras and another department giving best practices on how they fully use them—it’s best practices being shared on the department level and also from the vendor perspective.”

-Julie Oleson, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

“We all have the same mission and we’re all working toward the same resolution, and this gives us an opportunity to make connections with others [so we can] complete that mission.”

-Frailian Young, Jr., Mesa Police Dept.

“The more casual networking side [of the eXchange] has been really tremendous. It’s been very enjoyable getting to know people; really understanding the human and not the department or the vendor.”

-Derek Bult, Acadis Readiness Suites

"The show was able to bring experience and networking to have all attendees engage and learn how to better their agency. This was a great show and I went home energized and ready to share what I had learned!"

-Jennifer Brown, Support Services Manager, Flagstaff Police Department

“Honestly, it’s one of the best conferences I've been to. The team that organized it really put a lot of thought into the networking aspect. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to so many more people than I have at any other conferences.”

-Becky Currie, Xtreme Performance Lab

“PTX provided an excellent opportunity to network with our respective delegates and peers. The round-table discussion was very informative and provided insight as to how law enforcement agencies throughout the country are dealing with technology."

-Seth Dinehart, Account Executive, Tyler Technologies

“This was truly one of the most informative conferences that I have attended in recent years. Great networking and excellent pace for engaging vendors one-on-one.”

-Robert B. Dunlap, Chief, Wayne County Sheriff's Office

"You tend to learn as much from each other and the vendors that have dealt with other customers, as much as you do just sitting through a presentation. I’ve found it to be very useful.”

-David Schnurstein, Grand Rapids Police Dept.

“Because of the tight-knit group, I was able to experience a lot of interaction with agencies [at PTX] that I wouldn't normally get to do at other conferences.”

-Tim Gilder, Tucson Police Dept.